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To take this floating pumpkin seed picture all I did was put a seed on the end of a 6 inch wooden skewer and stick it in the pile of seeds so that it stands up.
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Elucidating photography

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As part of the research, a wide range of photo collections has been located and digitised in Uganda. This leads to a series of artistic products presented as books and accompanying exhibitions.Kidman embodies all this as a kind of luminescent calm at the centre of a world of chattering, chest-puffing men: it’s an admiring but complex portrait.But, as convincing as this portrayal is, Photograph 51 comes up short in several vital areas.However, the selected images will share not only a common presentation technique, but also the meanings they convey.Recording is a mediation, a "technical image" or a message.In defiance of the universal customs regarding the problematization of exhibition titles, I decided to suggest a curatorial project, based only on the selection of distinctive personalities of the artists invited.Each of them has created works using projection techniques or revealing an image through light.

Elucidating / Wyświetlanie Imaginarium Gallery, Łódź, PL June 10 - 19, 2016 Participants: Izabela Gustowska, Piotr Kurka, Dominik Lejman, Dominika Sadowska, Józef Robakowski, Piotr Kotlicki, Konrad Kuzyszyn.

The high-impact images he styled fully embody the youthful vibe he aimed to create for the cutting-edge fashion, music and movie houses that comprised his clientele.

His distinct advantages of working with flawless supermodels and famous stars in fabulous settings with lavish budgets never served as a crutch for Ritts, who distinguished himself by elevating commercial photography to an art form.

In the Herb Ritts Gallery, the late photographer’s signature fashion and human figure images strike out from the walls.

In the adjoining Clementine Brown Gallery, his celebrity and portrait work is tantalizing.