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Somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty-five percent of Internet searches are for porn, and popular porn tube site Pornhub reported 23 visits in 2016. In other words, given our ever-increasing dependence upon the Web and the still-evolving prevalence of technology in our daily routines, ignoring the siren song of free porn is becoming more difficult all the time.

Although our access to pornography has exploded in the new millennium, there’s no use in taking an alarmist approach about it or wallowing in guilt over our prurient tendencies. And I do mean , and arguably even before, we’ve been into pornographic depictions of naked people doing sexy stuff.

But no matter whether we regret our decisions or not, we keep going back to it.

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The Supreme Court has also recognized that porn deserves different treatment under the law, depending on where it falls on that spectrum, who’s reading or looking at it, and whether it shows children involved in sex. But this private use exception doesn’t apply to child pornography or viewing obscene material online (18 U. S., or Internet porn is available almost everywhere, how do prosecutors and juries decide which community standards to use?

(For more details, see our articles about child pornography and partial First Amendment protection for porn that’s not obscene.) The First Amendment doesn’t protect speech and other forms of expression that are obscene. 15 (1973).) States and cities can and do make it a crime to show or distribute obscene material. As legal observers have pointed out, it’s basically impossible to target (or avoid) particular geographical areas when sending material over the Internet.

Some of the earliest artwork known to have been produced by human hands are the small carvings of voluptuous and luridly detailed female figures called “Venus figurines,” which date back as far as the Aurignacian period some thirty-five thousand years ago.

Ancient cave paintings the world over (from China’s Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs to England’s Creswell Crags) depict sexual content ranging from stylized genitals to bisexual, bestial orgies.