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Penny Fitzgerald is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball.

She is a shape-shifting fairy who is in Miss Simian's class at Elmore Junior High.

After the death of their father in the second season, the hunter Bobby Singer becomes a father figure to Sam and Dean.

As the series progresses, recurring guests appear at various times to help move the overall storyline of the show such as the demon Ruby or the angel Castiel.

“You see something big coming at you and you call [the bridge of the oncoming vessel],” said Fedyszyn said.

Some 50 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, the 505-foot-long, 9,000-ton vessel seemed completely invulnerable. Three hundred men were on board, prepared to train for the moment when they would need to show serious courage.Gumball and Penny had always had massive crushes on each other, but the two of them had always struggled to express their feelings, that is, until the events of the episode "The Shell," when Gumball finally confessed his feelings for her and kissed her, and the two have been dating since then.She was part of The Treehouse Girls until it disbanded due to the tree being cut down by Tobias and Banana Joe and is currently on the school's cheerleading team (being the most talented of them, though that's not saying much).From Season 1 to "The Shell," Penny was an anthropomorphic peanut.Like the rest of her family, she had a set of antlers that grow out of her head.Established in 1786 by Enoch Perkins, one of the best known legal figures of his time, Howard, Kohn, Sprague & Fitz Gerald has the distinction of being one of the oldest law firms in continuous practice in the United States.