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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides secure connections by allowing two applications connecting over a network to authenticate each other's identity and by encrypting the data exchanged between the applications.Authentication allows a server and optionally a client to verify the identity of the application on the other end of a network connection.We will define it for you, and add it to this list for the benefit of other readers, also.

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SSL in Web Logic Server is an implementation of the SSL 3.0 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 specifications.

The Web, on the other hand, is defined in W3C's Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume I as follows: "The World Wide Web (WWW, or simply Web) is an information space in which the items of interest, referred to as resources, are identified by global identifiers called Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI)." Thus, the Web is an information space.

The first three specifications for Web technologies defined URLs, HTTP, and HTML.

Web Logic Server supports SSL on a dedicated listen port which defaults to 7002.

To establish an SSL connection over HTTP, a Web browser connects to Web Logic Server by supplying the SSL listen port and the HTTPs protocol in the connection URL, for example, This release of Web Logic Server uses an SSL implementation based on Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE).