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It's about the behaviur of the Payload Validating Interceptor.

It validates well all elements described in the XSD, but it also allows elements not defined in the XSD to be in the payload.

O Endpoint representa a parte do serviço responsável por receber uma requisição, executar alguma lógica de négocio e tratamento dos dados, e então gerar uma resposta.

A Listagem 1 apresenta o código do enpoint Consulta Erros Endpoint.

Next, we will go through a brief explanation of a Spring Web Services project, which will be the external web service that will be invoked from our application.

First, I will explain what are the necessary adapters that will allow us to invoke a web service from Spring Integration.

This will keep my java code inline with the schema.

This article is part of our Academy Course titled Spring Integration for EAI.

I'm walking through the following tutorial: and I faced a problem.

I don't know whether it's an expected outcome or some kind of a bug.