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Mirroring body language and dating

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Mirroring is distinct from conscious imitation under the premise that while the latter is a conscious, typically overt effort to copy another person, mirroring is subconsciously done during the act and often goes unnoticed.The display of mirroring often begins as early as infancy, as babies begin to mimic individuals around them and establish connections with particular body movements.Source: Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago2.

The messages we are conveying with the body language of attraction are: I’m harmless, I like you, I’m approachable and I’m fertile. But it’s an essential part of the human mating game.

This concept takes place in everyday interactions, and often goes unnoticed by both the person enacting the mirroring behaviors as well as the individual who is being mirrored.

The activation of mirror neurons takes place within the individual who begins to mirror another's movements, and allows them a greater connection and understanding with the individual who they are mirroring, as well as allowing the individual who is being mirrored to feel a stronger connection with the other individual.

If your body language says “unavailable” or “not interested” you can be sure that’s what people will pick up on, no matter what you say! There’s a direct line of communication between the brain and the body that lies outside our conscious awareness.

Once we decide we like someone, the body automatically begins changing physically to signal attraction: Of course there are more… but one universal signal of attraction is a smile – a genuine, eye-crinkling smile.