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Within a few months I got my promotion to instructor status, and my life has been awesome ever since. When they showed us being physically connected, I feel like that lasted 10 minutes. Every time I watch the show, I miss Nate like nuts. It was a real eye-opening experience to get to hang out with them around the clock and really internalize the fact that they're people just like the rest of us. It was so romantic when he showed up during your exit interview. He jumped out of the window, and you're not allowed to do that at all. Everybody has their own insecurities, their own fears, their own shortcomings. What was the hardest challenge for you?

After the tragic death of Alec, who she begins dating having met him through her best friend Jimmy, she meets and eventually marries Phillip Worth, the cousin of a pregnant patient.

Ultimately, Jenny decides her future is in caring for patients with terminal illnesses, and leaves to work in Hampstead at the Marie Curie Hospital.

We think the fact that Niels (who's paused his electrical engineering Ph D studies to be a coach), and "UFC Ring Girl" Jennylee called for this interview together is a good sign that the show taught them a thing or two about teamwork (not to mention good PR). I went to the show, learned so much from the experience, and then I came back and worked really hard on incorporating all the advice that people had given to me. Jennylee: I saw him once, a few weeks ago in New York, which was really fun. We weren't really allowed to talk, so we're reliving this experience with the rest of the world, on television. Jennylee: It's really hard, and I'm sure it's really hard for my dad to watch. Niels: As a grad student in electrical engineering, this was a segment of the population that I had basically no contact with.

I told them how I was trying to become more comfortable in social situations, and they were like, "That's awesome." They set me up with an interview, and the rest is history. The second one is about teaching guys to open up emotionally and connect with people they really care about.

The youngest of two daughters, Raine (real name Jessica Loyd) studied drama and Cultural Studies at Bristol.

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But the team managed to patch things up and survive a few rounds in the elimination room until last week, when they missed going to the finale by a single question. Somebody had referred me and thought I'd be good for the show. Other people find it difficult to grasp the fact that this show was filmed eight months ago, and I've actually made quite a bit of progress in the meantime. Of course, Jennylee, we have to talk about love life. Jennylee: Nate and I talk every day, and I can't wait to see him next. Have you been able to see him since the show? Niels, did you have preconceived notions about the "beauties"?

With this sonic growth, in turn comes a personal growth which will no doubt lead to richer songs, greater art, and truer feeling a wonderful cycle which we are all lucky enough to be a part of.

Today, she's shared a new video from the record, for "Boom Boom." J. Gurzi directed the clip, which sees Lindberg dancing around a studio with her friend Micky Adams.

The Los Angeles four-piece Warpaint crafts haunting dreampsych with iridescent harmonies and filmy reverb, but don't label them as an all-girl band: The quartet comes from the Thurston Moore school of rocking out.

Warpaint's hypnotic post-whatever sound has drawn a legion of celebrity devotees, from the band's collective idol, RZA -- they're all big, big Wu-Tang fans -- to the late Heath Ledger (may he rest), and Shannyn Sossamon, vocalist/bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg's sister (and Warpaint's drummer before Stella Mozgawa).