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Box 6898, JBER, Alaska 99506-0898 or also via email at: [email protected]

8/7/2017: The City and Borough of Juneau stated the purpose is to improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce congestion by increasing harbor efficiency through safe access to the harbor, improving pedestrian access, reducing congestion and separating user groups. -Dredge approximately 24,300 cubic yards of marine sediment from 1.47 acres below the MHW to provide sufficient water depth for vessels at all tidal ranges.

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“It’s not just about how many fluent speakers we have left but it’s about how many newer people are dedicating their lives to our language.” Dangeli, an assistant professor in Alaska Native studies at University of Alaska Southeast, worked in conjunction with the campus to organize a five-day Sm’algyax grammar and language workshop in Juneau with fluent speaker Velna Nelson and linguist Margaret Anderson, from British Columbia, to help educate learners of the Tsimshian language. More - It's not often an ecologist gets to play sleuth in so adventurous a fashion—picking through musty papers in the Midwest for 100-year-old hand-drawn maps that lead through dense Alaskan underbrush populated by wolves and brown bears.

- Academic Advisor Amelia Budd and Fisheries Technology professor Joel Markis of the University of Alaska Southeast are discussing what’s coming up this Fall on the Sitka Campus.

The fall admissions deadline is August 15th and classes start August 28th. More - The University of Alaska Southeast invites teachers and artists to “UAS 2017 Summer in the Rainforest: Teachers as Artists; Artists as Teachers,” a place-based learning experience exploring the creative core of both teaching and the arts. More - One of Koliganek’s own will be taking on a lead teaching role this fall.

Prior to this discovery, scientists had only believed that two species of flying squirrel inhabited North America. In a statement made by an ecologist with the University of Alaska Southeast, they say six scientists contributed to the research, and that the discovery of the new squirrel was aided by the help of Alaska data.

According to Allison Bidlack with UAS, the new squirrel is native to the Pacific Coast, from southern British Columbia all the way down to California.