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Multiple users updating one excel spreadsheet

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Whatever it is, people should just keep their hands off it!Fortunately, Excel makes it possible to prevent people from changing things.This does limit some of your functions (can't add or delete lines, etc).I also recommend that everyone saves regularly as it will tell you if you are changing the other persons changes (makes you click a keep mine or keep theirs warning).Every user who wants to collaborate should enter a name on the Tools - Options' - Libre Office - User Data' tab page.The Tools - Share Document command can be used to switch the mode for the current document from unshared mode to shared mode.I can review a file "live" with others who are in different locations.Do you have a shared worksheet in Microsoft Excel 365 containing important data or carefully-constructed formulas you don’t want altered, accidentally or deliberately? Maybe it’s equipment part numbers, or a shipping-cost calculation.

I have checked the related Google Groups and Support threads.

In my company we have an excel workbook that is shared between 6-7 people.

They used to be able to see who had it open because the file would say locked for editing by 'insert user name', but now it just says 'another user'. Is it something simple in the properties of the workbook?

This still doesn't solve the root issue (due to Google support).

Often users want to change various filter settings on the data; not just have a few saved filter modes which are still globally shared. Obviously the right answer changed from that time as there is a better answer in 2014.